"Favourable Organisation For Rural Welfare And Regional Development(FORWARD)",The Organisation has been established on the 7th Dec 1992. FORWARD has developed the Organizational structure and Human resource management in a very innovative manner to facilitate people's participation in phase of development activities. The local units control every specified area, which is also formed with the representatives of the local areas. The head office, located at Balasore is responsible for overall planning, management and coordination and general administration. Liaison with different departments of Govt. of India and State Governments, International and local Institutions and voluntary organizations is also carried out by this office. At the Headquarter level at Balasore a team of experts comprising professional social workers manage the whole of the activities.

Operational Area

Mission & Vision

Uplift the socio-economic condition of the deprived segment of the population through various

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Goal & Objectives

To cooperate and coordinate with other volunteer organisations and government agencies

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